Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stadium for Cornwall - images published

Sketches of the proposed Stadium for Cornwall have been published by the West Briton. The drawings show a possible 10,000 seater facility near Truro.

Apparently the drawings have been made by The Miller Partnership, the company engaged by Cornwall Council to investigate the feasibility of the stadium project. A spokesman for The Miller Partnership said that the Council has had this study since December but is not planning to publish it for a number of weeks. This is curious as we were told that it would be ready for public inspection (and debate) by now.

Apart from the drawings themselves (which show a four stand facility) the other revelation in the publication is that there are plans for a hotel on the site but that this is not shown on the drawings.

I make no comment on the drawings as we need sight of the full feasibility study to judge them in context and we do not yet know how the plans are expected to be financed.

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