Thursday, 24 February 2011

Primesight? - prime eyesore

One of the first campaigns I launched in Launceston was to get the poor state of the advertising hoardings on Western Road sorted. Now the site is a mess once again and I am trying to get the company responsible to take action.

The original hoardings were made of wood which had become rotten and was threatening to collapse and posed a risk to motorists. Eventually these were pulled down and replaced with new frames.

Unfortunately, although the frames themselves are still in good condition, the advertising posters on one of the boards are a complete mess and peeling off in large chunks. It does no credit to our town for visitors to drive past such a sight as they approach the Castle. I would also think that the other advertisers would not want their wares displayed next to such a mess.

The company that owns the site is called Primesight. On their website, they boast:

Operations are responsible for ensuring that all posters are displayed properly, in a timely manner, and that the surrounding site is left clean & presentable after installation.

The panels and the immediate area surrounding are cleaned on a fortnightly basis.

Regrettably, as far as Western Road is concerned, the company doesn't seem to be living up to its responsibilities. I've been in touch with them to ask them to take urgent action to clean their site up. I hope they will be doing so soon and I'll follow up if necessary.

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