Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dutson Road hedges being destroyed by careless driving

This morning I went with local residents to view the hedges along Dutson Road where there is clear evidence that the hedges are being destroyed by cars and lorries.

As regular readers will know, more than one in four drivers using this road exceeds the speed limit and the road is often too narrow for two large vehicles to safely pass. As a result, it seems that a lot of them are hitting the hedges.

The photos show some of the damage caused with the earth ripped away and some of the stonework also dislodged. Apart from the damage to vehicles, this will also start to bring down the hedges themselves. You can tell that it is cars and lorries causing the damage (rather than some other cause) by the tyre prints visible in the top photo.

I have asked the Council to consider urgently what can be done to repair the damage and prevent cars from speeding as well as asking the local Police to undertake some speed camera work in the area.

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Robin said...

For the hedge to contiue to stand, its height should be the width of the base. The hedge is being worsened by the cleaning of the roadside by the highways, in a misgiven attempt to widen the road without stabilizing the hedge. Suggest you read articles in Cornish Hedges Library.