Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Customer Service

A while back I noticed that the power cable for my computer was not working properly. It's a relatively new Macbook and I use it for everything.

So I went to Stormfront in Truro where I had bought it and they confirmed that the lead was faulty. But they couldn't offer to change it or to order me a new one without sending the old one to Exeter for 'further testing'. They told me that I would be without it for around two weeks.

Given that the lead would work intermittently and that I can't afford to be without it for more than the 8 hours charge that the computer holds, I suggested that this wasn't good enough. I needed to hold onto it until the new one arrived.

Could they lend me another cable until the new one arrived? Nope. Could they not order a new one without sending away the old on the basis that they knew where the fault lay? Nope. In both cases they said that their 'policy' did not allow it.

So today I drove to Exeter and went to the Apple Store there. The staff member checked the lead and within 30 seconds was satisfied that this was where the fault lay. He grabbed a new one off the shelf and handed it over. I was in and out within two minutes.

Many thanks to the Apple staff in Exeter, but it was really annoying to have faced such a brick wall in Truro.


Edwina Hannaford said...

There must be a design fault with the Macbook power cable as I had the same problem last week after only 6 weeks. I bought my Mac from Simon Taylor of Mactech http://mactechdevon.co.uk/ in St Austell. Simon ordered one immediately and I collected it a few days later on way to Truro, no quibble, excellent service.
People who provide poor service should beware as the Internet can spread bad news (and good) very effectively.
Edwina Hannaford

fern said...

Sorry to hear that! I also have same experience of that. I just wish they can provide a good customer service to their clients and customer. Thanks for the post.

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chris said...

You should of gone to the Apple shop in Newquay - I took mine into stormfront and had exactly the same problem. they are called CTS The mac centre & are Apple authorised for the repairs and they swapped mine out on the spot. - Ive used them a few times for my macs repairs and I was only without it for 24 hours when my hard drive failed. www.computingts.co.uk