Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Council Leader signed blank cheque for Sir John

Cornwall Council Leader Alec Robertson effectively signed a blank cheque for Sir John Banham, the would be Chair of the Cornwall Local Enterprise Partnership who is being paid £2000 a day despite his proposals being consigned to the bin.

At full council today, Cllr Robertson made it clear that the appointment of Sir John was made by the private sector without any council involvement. He also explained that he had not been involved in determining the payment that Sir John would receive but nevertheless signed off the final amount - a staggering £2000 per day. His only defence was that it wasn't more!

How can it be right that a few select business people - ignoring the concerns of the Cornish Business Forum which represents many small business people - should have been able to pick who they wanted and expect the taxpayer to pick up whatever salary they decided.

The Council's handling of the LEP has been a complete mess. The appointment of a chair should have been made by the private sector with council involvement from the start. And if the council had worked with him as soon as he was appointed - instead of simply allowing him to go off and write whatever prospectus he liked - then we wouldn't have got to the embarrassing position of having to bin the document as being totally unsuitable. And council taxpayers should never have been put in the position of paying £2k per day (a total of £45,000 so far).

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