Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Council considering moving Launceston Foyer to Penzance

One other issue to come out of the debate on Supporting People today came from the Cabinet Member in response to my question about the future of Launceston Foyer.

The foyer network across Cornwall provides supported housing to young people who would otherwise be homeless. The benefits are clear - the young people stay clear of drugs and excessive alcohol and they are helped into education, training and work. There is also an advice service for young people who are vulnerably housed.

The foyers are also at risk of closing because of the 40% cuts. I asked for some reassurance that they will be able to carry on their work. What I got in return was a statement that the foyer network was not evenly distributed across Cornwall and that some may be relocated to areas without them including Penzance.

I know that towns like Penzance would make excellent use of a foyer and there are people there who genuinely need the service. But surely we should not be turfing vulnerable young people in Launceston out onto the street in order to provide it. Launceston foyer has, until recently when they began worrying about the cuts, been completely full and there is a proven need for its services. How can anyone sitting behind a desk in Truro decide that people in Penzance need this service more than people in Launceston?

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