Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Will Conservative Cornwall be going against Government advice on bin collections too?

This morning I posted about Cornwall Council's proposal to ignore Government advice on parking. Now ministers have issued guidance on bin collections and I wonder whether our local Conservatives will be ignoring this too?

The new advice is aimed at helping those authorities which have adopted fortnightly collections to move back to a weekly service. The issue has come to the fore because of the recent bad weather. Some parts of Exeter, which has fortnightly collections, have seen black bag rubbish piling up for four weeks without being collected.

In Launceston we have seen most homes miss out on collections for up to three weeks and so there will be a lot of sympathy for residents in Exeter.

As I posted just before Christmas, Cornwall Council has conducted a survey about waste collections and one of the questions relates to a move away from weekly black bag collections. The Cabinet has already approved a long term budget which includes this change and so I believe it is entirely possible that they will be trying to sneak this scheme through despite the new Government thinking.

The coalition government may be doing things which are unpopular, but they are also reversing a lot of the damage done by the former Labour government. It's just a shame that these advances are being ignored by our local Conservatives.

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