Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Survey shows one in four drivers break Dutson Road speed limit

Some drivers using Dutson Road in Launceston are travelling at more than 60mph and around one in four break the 30mph speed limit according to a survey carried out by Cornwall Council. The road has been described as one of the most dangerous in Cornwall as it is used by many schoolchildren and families despite having no pavement for much of its length.

Many residents have been asking for action to be taken to slow traffic down and the recent SpeedVisor survey was the first step in making that happen.

The results show that, although most drivers obey the law, around 25% do not. The limit on the road is 30mph and some motorists were travelling in excess of 60mph when they passed the speed sensor.

Dutson Road is clearly a very dangerous place to be a pedestrian. It is the main route for many local residents into town and for those children walking to school. For part of its length there is no pavement and cars parked next to the boundary wall force pedestrians into the middle of the road.

I believe that the evidence is clear. Dutson Road is dangerous and the Council needs to take action to slow cars down and to protect pedestrians. I have therefore asked officers what action they will take.

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