Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Should it be 'good riddance' to Ryanair rather than 'goodbye'

Ryanair have announced that they are abandoning Newquay Airport as they cut their summer route to Alicante. Some might say that it should be good riddance rather than a sad goodbye.

Ryanair is the ultimate marmite company. To many, their low charges have helped to bust open the old state carrier monopoly. But to others their extra charges and sometimes misleading adverts are a source of anger.

As far as Newquay Airport goes, the airline has been a pain in the proverbial. Quick to criticise the Council when it was forced to shut the airport for urgent safety works when the RAF pulled out, Ryanair nevertheless saw no problem in telling passengers who had booked and paid for advertised flights that the route was being ditched.

The official reason for Ryanair leaving Newquay is the £5 airport development fee charged for each passenger departing. Airport Development Fees are a pain, it is true. But they are charged widely across the globe. Surely they are not as unreasonable as Ryanair's charge for the temerity to want to take a razor on holiday* or to pay for your flight with a credit or debit card other than their own obscure favourite?

Newquay Airport does, of course, need every bit of business it can get at the moment and no doubt Cornwall Council, as owners of the facility, will be bemoaning the loss of the Ryanair flights. However, I can't help thinking that this particular airline might be seen as more trouble than they are worth.

*Ryanair charges for bags in the hold of the aircraft. Passengers may not carry razors or other sharp instruments in the cabin.

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