Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Looking forward to Camborne North polling day

Tomorrow is polling day in Camborne North following the resignation of Conservative Councillor Bill Jenkin who was arrested on sexual assault charges. This afternoon I've been in the ward delivering leaflets for the excellent Lib Dem candidate Anna Pascoe.

The by-election is only the second in Cornwall Council's short history and the first since the massive service cuts were announced by the Conservative led administration. It will therefore be seen by some as a judgment on the course of action that the administration has chosen to save money.

Although there are six candidates in total, my bet is that it will come down to just Anna or the Conservative. Whilst there were others who got a fair few votes in 2009, the general election last year was decided by just 66 votes in that area. The Lib Dems - in second place last time - look like the only serious challengers to the Conservatives.

Of course, it wouldn't be a by-election if there weren't a few slightly dubious tactics. As I arrived for my delivery round in the splendid Tehidy Park area, a Conservative deliverer tried to pretend that she was a Lib Dem who had already done the area and that I should therefore not bother. Fortunately, I knew different.


labourlight said...

You must be disappointed with the outcome, although like the Old & Sad by-election your LibDem candidate held their share of the vote.
Although the Tories had a female candidate this time werte the circumstances of Jenkinshis resignation an issue?
My feeling is that Labour (including me!) should see this as a one off.

Alex Folkes said...

Of course we were disappointed not to win - especially as I would love to have Anna as a colleague on the Council.
Congratulations to Jude and her team for their victory. Whilst we held onto our share of the vote, the Tories will be disappointed that their vote fell away so dramatically - and I doubt that the same excuse of tactical voting for the Lib Dems holds sway as it might in OE&S.
I can't comment on the 'Jenkin' effect, but it would no doubt have had some influence.
I think that Jude's post election comments suggesting that Labour is the true opposition to the Tories will carry much weight here. Labour are truly out of the running in most of Cornwall and having a single councillor will not make much difference I would suggest. There are no doubt a few more seats where they will make a showing, but not enough to interfere in the main Lib Dem vs Con battle.