Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Launceston Town Council unanimous in opposition to fortnightly rubbish collections

At last night's meeting, Launceston Town Council voted unanimously against any move towards fortnightly rubbish collections in place of the weekly service the town currently receives.

The issue was raised by a resident of Hurdon Way who was concerned about the impact that uncollected black bags would have on his area and the rest of the town. He asked the Town Council to make representations to Cornwall Council against the change.

I was asked to tell the council what changes were likely and gave my own opinion supporting residents against the change. Although the introduction of food waste collections and efforts to improve recycling are to be welcomed, the bottom line is that abandoning weekly black bags collections will have a detrimental impact on our town in my view.

The former (Conservative) Leader of North Cornwall Council, Graham Facks-Martin then proposed a motion to support weekly collections. One of the speeches in support came from former Conservative candidate for Cornwall Council John Conway who said he was appalled that a Conservative administration was going back on its manifesto promise to keep weekly collections. The motion was voted through with unanimous support.

We know from what Cabinet Member Julian German told Full Council that the Cabinet will be voting on a system of 'managed weekly collections' which we understand to mean fortnightly general rubbish collections together with weekly food waste pick ups. They are also likely to seek to impose wheelie bins on many areas.

In 2009, the Conservatives promised not to abandon weekly rubbish collections and it now seems that they are ditching that promise. If they do so, it will clearly be in opposition to the wishes of many of their supporters in North Cornwall.

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