Friday, 10 December 2010

Recycling Banks to be closed

Cornwall Council has decided to close a large number of recycling banks across Cornwall. The reason being given is that there is now kerbside collection of recyclable materials for every household and so the use of the collection points has decreased massively.

However, a number of facilities will remain. These will include the recycling facilities at the new Waste Transfer Station at Pennygillam (which replaces the old site on the road to Daw's House). The waste transfer station will have facilities for all sorts of recyclables and materials that are not collected at the kerbside including oil and asbestos.

The Council also expects some of the recycling banks at supermarkets to stay open because the supermarkets themselves can offset the waste collected there against their own targets. But each decision will be taken individually and the supermarket will have to agree to pay for collections etc.

If there are any recycling banks in Launceston that you want to see maintained, please get in touch and I'll talk to the Council about how we can make sure they stay.

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