Thursday, 2 December 2010

More than 1100 say no to unfair parking charges in Launceston

Earlier this week I posted about how expensive parking in Launceston will become under the Conservative administration's plans to increase charges locally.

Today, a group of traders gathered at the One Stop Shop with a petition signed by more than 1100 businesses and their customers against the change. They were joined by local MP Dan Rogerson and Mayor of Launceston Paul O'Brien as well as Cllr Sasha Gillard Loft and myself.

The petition was organised by Bryony Trueman and Marina Ellis who both work for Variety Insurance Services in the town. They did a fantastic job in a very short space of time and the number of names goes to show just how serious a threat local people believe the parking charge rises will be. The petition will now be a formal response to Cornwall Council's parking charge consultation which culminates tomorrow.

Incidentally, in my last post, I mentioned that parking for season ticket holders will become four times as expensive as for residents of Chelsea if the Conservative plans go through. In case anyone thinks that Kensington and Chelsea Council is a one off, we have found at least four other boroughs in London which charges residents less than £195 (the Launceston charge) for parking. And even for businesses the charges are far less than Cornwall is proposing.

We have also heard from a business in town which currently buys four permits for its staff. They say that, if charges rise as proposed, the parking costs will be higher than the rent on the shop. They will move to another location if they go through.

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The fairness boy said...

The cabinet member for transport is an independent so is the parking panel chairman and the vice chair is a liberal democrat. I can’t quite see how it’s a Conservative led initiative?