Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hope for Launceston over traffic bottleneck?

At today's meeting of Cornwall Council's Cabinet, there was an item on the agenda about proposed junction improvements in the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area.

I used the opportunity to ask when the Council would get round to improving the horrendous congestion in Launceston. The bottleneck at Newport is caused by the roundabout at Newport Square and the narrow bridge over the Kensey. Yet there is virtually no other option for those trying to access the A30 from Holsworthy or Bude. Many thousands of vehicles each day are caught up in the normal town centre traffic causing huge delays.

The congestion also adds to the dangers for pedestrians who have to cross the main road twice to get from St Stephens, Newport, Lanstephan and Ridgegrove to the town centre - roads which have no safe crossings. There is the final (and perhaps biggest) danger of Dutson Road - a main road with no pavement for a significant stretch which is, nonetheless, classed as a safe walking route to school.

The hold ups mean that there is little possibility of further developments at the northern end of our town and mean that Launceston cannot take advantage of its prime position on the A30.

In the absence of Graeme Hicks, cabinet member responsible for highways, no definitive answer could be provided today. However the Leader did promise me that officers would look at the needs of Launceston and tell me how much of a priority they would give to road improvements in our area.

From what the local councillor said about the Camborne/Pool/Redruth improvements, there is mixed local feeling about those plans. However I am sure that there would be great support in Launceston for works that could divert most traffic away from the bottlenecks of Newport Square.

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