Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Save Bude Sea Pool

Fresh from the decision to perform a u-turn on its plans to close Camelford Leisure Centre, Cornwall Council is facing further objections to its proposed cuts to the leisure budget. People in Bude are protesting about plans to close the historic Bude Sea Pool.

Built in the 1930s, the pool is an iconic part of the town's sea front. But it's not just a bit of nostalgia. The pool draws thousands of visitors from across the UK and abroad and is well used by swimmers, people learning to dive, canoeists and the surf life saving club.

When I questioned officers and Cabinet Member Joan Symons about the plans for Bude Sea Pool last Thursday, I was told that the council was in discussions with the town council who were keen to take over the running of the pool. If this were actually the case and it would guarantee the future of the pool then all would be well. Except that the town council has only just been told about the proposed closure when they had a regular, scheduled meeting with Cornwall Council two days ago - four days after I was promised that negotiations were well in hand.

Is there some other group or individual who might take over the running of the pool? Again, if this were the case and it could guarantee the long-term future of the facility then great. But the sad truth is that there are no groups or individuals talking to Cornwall Council about doing this.

So who are these mysterious people who Joan Symons is talking to about saving Bude Sea Pool?

The campaign group managed to attract more than 150 people to the pool this morning at 8am with less than 24 hours notice to show the strength of opposition to the plans to journalists. They've also set up a Facebook Group which attracted more than 1600 supporters within the first 36 hours.

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Peter said...

The behaviour of the officers of Cornwall Council really beggars belief. Alex is quite correct; this matter was brought to our attention on Monday night during an 'informal' meeting with our ward members. The meeting was mysteriously attended by several heavyweight officers of the Council. Surely Ms Symons is bringing her authority into disrepute by distributing misinformation? As such does her position remain tenable?