Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dockacre and Wooda Road - an update

Earlier today I wrote about problems caused by the road works in central Launceston. After a flurry of emails with council officers there are now more signs at the entrance to Wooda Road to advise motorists that there is always access to Tower Street and Castle Street and to sign any diversion which may be in place.

That's good news but it appears that there were points when the whole of Wooda and Dockacre were closed off and so no access was possible to Tower Street or Castle Street even though there should have been. I'm grateful to officers for their work on the signage but have asked them to keep more of an overview in future to prevent total closures happening again.

I've also learned that leaflets were distributed to premises that front Wooda and Dockacre, but not to services or businesses in town which would be cut off by the works. I think this was a mistake and I have asked officers to consider more widespread advertisement in the future.

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