Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Council agrees to open up car parks on Remembrance Sunday

Ten days ago, Launceston saw a huge turnout for the Remembrance Sunday parade in the town square. But many attendees found it difficult to park in the town because the Cattle Market car parks were closed off. I have now secured a promise from Cornwall Council to leave these open in future years.

The turnout was so good that the short stay car parks at The Walk and Tower Street were full and on-street car parking was severely restricted because of the parade. Many people went to the Cattle Market only to find that their access was barred.

After I was contacted by John Knights, the Chairman of Launceston Royal British Legion, I got in touch with the Council and they have promised that the car parks - usually closed off on Sundays to avoid anti-social behaviour - will be left open in future years.

I'd like to thank Cornwall Council for their swift action.

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