Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Closure of Wooda and Dockacre Road

Local residents can't fail to have noticed that Wooda and Dockacre Road have been closed recently for re-curbing and re-surfacing work. The closure has had a significant impact on many businesses and services in our town and I have written to the Council asking them to undertake a review of how they manage such closures to avoid such problems in future.

As well as many businesses, one of the services that has been most severely hit has been Dental Dimensions/Vital Dentistry in Castle Street. As well as routine dentistry for both the NHS and private patients, Vital Dentistry is also the emergency NHS dentist for North Cornwall. As such, many patients (some of whom are not able to walk long distances) cannot wait for appointments when the road is back open.

The concern is two-fold:

  • First, that consideration was not given to the businesses which have been affected by the closure. If it had been, then these businesses could have been consulted and plans made to do the works in two sections so that there was always access to Tower Street (and on to Castle Street) throughout the works.
  • Second, that alternative options, such as removing the prohibition on entering Church Street and signing this alternative, were not considered.

Of course, in order to undertake road works there often need to be road closures. But these have to be handled sympathetically with every option considered to make sure that businesses and vital services remain open for business with people able to get to them.

I'll post again when I have a reply.

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