Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cabinet rubber stamps the cuts budget

Cornwall Council's Cabinet has rubber stamped their cuts budget which will see vital services ripped away from thousands of people across Cornwall. But, as ever, there remains money for refurbishing County Hall and other capital projects of dubious value.

For the people from Camelford and Bude who turned up hoping for some good news on their leisure centre and pool, there were were no answers. Conservative Deputy Leader Jim Currie - taking the chair whilst the Leader dealt with flood matters - dismissed concerns about these facilities as being arguments over small amounts. Of course, the £30,000 it would take to save Bude Sea Pool and the missing £67,000 needed by Camelford may be small change for him, but they are much loved local services for the people of those towns and the surrounding areas. Without time to build an alternative management and funding plan, these will be forced to close.

Today I asked who the Council had been in touch with about taking over Bude Sea Pool. I had been briefed that someone was lined up to take the service on, but the truth is that no talks had been held until last Monday. Details would be sent to me, I was told. I'm not holding my breath.

We still have no answers on what they plan to do to the library service and one stop shop network. Apparently we may get some more information by the end of the week - leaving just a couple of days to try to come up with an alternative before the deadline for proposing amendments. It seems that the Council has little idea what they plan to do and they aren't encouraging ideas either.

The budget process moves on to the Full Council meeting on 30th November when the final decisions will be made. I will be seeking (with Lib Dem colleagues and others) to make changes to the budget to save key front line services.

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DNP said...

By comment consent, the emergency services have received many plaudits for how they have responded to the floods. Will they be able to offer the same level of support in 12 months time?