Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Anti-skid surface on Dutson Road - fixed

With many thanks to Oliver Jones and the Highways Department, the anti-skid surfacing outside the Spar shop on Dutson Road has, at last, been replaced.

Regular readers and local residents will know that the surfacing was not applied properly by the contractors and was coming away in huge sheets. The delay in fixing it was down to the contractors but persistence has paid off!

There is still one patch of defective surfacing at the junction with Ridgegrove Lane and I am chasing this up.

Also at that junction with Ridgegrove Lane, a pair of safety mirrors have been put up to allow drivers using this blind junction to join the main road more safely.


David said...

My God! You've actually got an image of a police car on patrol, you don't see too many of them about. Or was it photoshopped?

Elm Tree said...

Whoever arranged to have these mirrors put up is to be warmly thanked. As a resident of Ridgegrove Lane, I can only say that they are truly life savers. To emerge from the Lane without the aid of the mirrors, on this totally blind bend, was pure guesswork. It would only have been a matter of time before people were seriously injured or killed. Thank you.