Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Transparency and Openness - Special Edition

Following on from my last post about the refusal by the Leader of Cornwall Council to tell ordinary councillors what Cornwall council is planning to do with taxpayers' money, my attention is drawn to two more examples of the famed 'transparency and openness' of Alec Robertson and Jim Currie:

First up is the decision (details on Jeremy Rowe's blog) not to webcast the Strategic Planning Committee meeting tomorrow which will be discussing no fewer than THREE supermarket planning applications in Wadebridge.

It is bad enough that this meeting is being held in Truro, rather than in Wadebridge where the affected people live. But it is being held in the Council Chamber which has fixed webcasting cameras and all the systems ready to go to allow people from Wadebridge to watch proceedings. And yet Cornwall Council is refusing to webcast the meeting.

The second example comes from Cllr Jim Currie who appeared on last night's Spotlight programme to discuss cuts. Pressed to say which services were most in danger, Cllr Currie repeated the mantra that 'nothing is safe'. Pressed, he admitted that there is 'a list of options'. Asked what the options were he said:

"I can't tell you"

The interviewer then suggested that the people of Cornwall need to have some idea of the services they currently receive which the council are thinking of targeting. Why couldn't Cllr Currie give some idea of the list of options?

"Because we don't conduct our discussions in public"

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