Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Next Generation Broadband - access will be dependent on business buy in

I complained a while ago that, whilst the media were given a lavish launch party for the Next Generation Broadband scheme, Cornwall Councillors were given no information whatsoever. A week after the launch, the Council finally got round to sending a briefing note to councillors.

I've also asked a number of other questions and there is good news and bad news from Cabinet Member Cllr Carolyn Rule.

The good news is that:

"the roll out will start in the East"

The less good news is that:

"it will be dependent on business take up as this is funded from convergence"

So, contrary to what the glossy publicity material would have us believe, it appears that if local businesses don't buy into the service then residential properties will miss out. What is less clear is what the situation will be for residents who don't live near any business premises. The launch material appears to imply that they will still get services.

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