Monday, 11 October 2010

Localism gone missing

Over the past few months, my colleague Jeremy Rowe has made a habit of questioning Cornwall's Cabinet Member for Localism, Lance Kennedy, about his reports to Council.

You see, although Lance is in charge of localism (as well as community safety), he limits his reports to just a single topic. For at least the last four meetings, the only issue mentioned has been Newquay Safe - an excellent project, but far from being the only subject under the localism agenda.

Where is the discussion of the community networks, the powers being devolved to town and parish councils or active partnering - the latest nebulous concept that Cornwall Council seems so keen on promoting?

So for next week's council meeting, Lance has had a change of tack. There is no mention of localism whatsoever in his report.

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phil said...

Localism is not all that has gone up in Lance Kennedy smoke. It joins the network of fire stations across the duchy he once thought necessary for its safety.