Wednesday, 13 October 2010

BIG Cornwall - We tell the press, you have to wait.

At today's Cabinet meeting, I asked the Leader to explain what on earth 'BIG Cornwall' means. As readers will know, this term has been bandied about by the Leader and Chief Executive a lot recently without any real explanation being given as to what it means for services or for local communities.

And so when the Cabinet discussed the Cornwall Strategy 2010-2030, they also apparently endorsed the BIG Cornwall scheme.

Unfortunately, there was no real clarity in the answer from the Leader. Apart from telling me that there had been plenty of press releases on the subject, he refused to say any more. Instead, councillors will have to wait until the budget when, apparently, all will be revealed.

So Big Cornwall joins Active Partnering and the Next Generation Broadband project as matters where the Council leadership believes that it is right to tell the press but wrong to tell councillors.

On Twitter, several people suggested that BIG Cornwall might mean that Cllr Robertson is planning to take over Devon. Surely not?

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