Monday, 6 September 2010

Tony Blair's book - I can't get past the cover

Every time I see the front cover of Tony Blair's book I cringe. What on earth possessed them to use that photo? I'm afraid that I don't know who the photographer is. (I haven't yet got close enough to actually pick up the tome and open it to find out). But the pic just gives me the shudders.

I suppose that part of the cringe factor comes from who the subject of the photo is. But even setting that aside, I still hate it for three reasons:

- it's off centre and I can't fathom why. Ok, it's not a cardinal rule that the subject of a portrait should be in the middle of the frame. In fact, the most interesting images are deliberately off centre. There is a technique called the rule of thirds where you place the point of interest one third (or two thirds) in from the left or down from the top. But Blair is annoyingly just off centre and the additional white space on the left is just plain irritating.

- the eyes. The piercing blue eyes could be seen as refreshingly honest, staring straight out at the reader. But they just look too blue.

- the mouth. Is he meant to be smiling? About to bark an order out to a minion? Irritated?

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