Friday, 10 September 2010

Launceston Tourist Information Centre update

Yesterday I organised a meeting to discuss the future of the Tourist Information Centre in town. I asked the head of the Council's Customer Services section, Clare Metcalf, to come as well as a representative from tourism and the town council. Also there were my council colleagues Sasha Gillard-Loft and Adam Paynter.

The reason for the meeting was the apparent decision by Cornwall Council a month or so ago to close the TIC (see also here).

At the meeting yesterday, Clare Metcalf made it clear that they had not made any decision to close the TIC and would not be running down any services. That was very good to hear and means that the service will continue as a going concern whilst its long term future is sorted.

Unfortunately, the Council is quite clear that it wants the TIC to be run by someone else. The Town Council have expressed a willingness to discuss taking over running the office and all the different groups have agreed to keep talking.

As far as I'm concerned that's a good outcome. Launceston needs a very active tourist information or visitors centre in order to help attract more people to the town and to point them at some of the great attractions when they get here.

I'll blog again when I hear more.

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