Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The first great purge...

Perhaps the best forecasting of the Ed Milliband speech came from Conservative commentator Dizzy who suggested that the new Leader might follow the lead of Krushchev in 1956 who famously denounced Stalin and Lenin.

And so it came to pass that Blairism and Brownism were set aside and the new ideology of youth was adopted. Would it be too much to suggest that Red Ed has been reading his Cambodian history books? Certainly the intellectuals are fleeing for the borders, led by David Milliband.

Whilst the majority of the party applauded the new orthodoxy, at least DM had the guts to stick to his principles (albeit principles that I heartily disagree with) and lambasted Harriet Harman for clapping a denunciation of the Iraq war.

Further denunciations have taken place today with Nick Brown being sacked from his position as Chief Whip and the new leader is clearly using his honeymoon period to place his most loyal followers in the key positions.

Whilst David may be withdrawing from frontline politics, everyone remaining in Manchester seems to be chanting in unison:
"We love Little Brother. We love Little Brother..."

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