Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Blair book update - The Americans get a better photo

A few days ago I moaned about what I think is an awful photo on the front of the Tony Blair book (top image). I've just seen the cover of the US version (bottom image) - and it's so very different.

The most obvious change is that the US version is half length rather than simply head and shoulders. I've got no problem with the UK version in that respect, but the close crop does emphasise the annoying slightly off centre nature of the image.

There is the same half smile/half grimace in both photos, but the US version has Blair facing fractionally off camera with his head at a bit of a tilt. The pose softens the effect - it also make Blair look less positive and a bit defensive.

But perhaps the greatest difference is that in the US version Blair has his arms folded. Body language experts will have a field day over this. The former PM comes across as hugely defensive and not prepared to brook an argument. 'Here it is and tough if you don't agree with me' seems to be the message.

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