Monday, 2 August 2010

Major road closures in Launceston in October and November

Residents may have noticed that all sorts of markings have appeared all over a number of roads in Launceston. These are surveyors marks which have been made in order to plan for resurfacing of the roads.

I've just received a road closure notice which sets out when some of the works will be done. The roads affected will be Wooda Road, Dockacre Road and the continuation of that road past the junction with Ridgegrove Hill almost to the Prout's Corner junction. In total, the works will take around 5 weeks starting from 18th October.

There will be a diversion route signposted which will take drivers via the Link Road.

A number of other roads are also scheduled for resurfacing works. I am told that these are likely to take place after Christmas.

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