Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A-levels, universities and Gary Lineker's son

So why did Gary Lineker's potty mouthed son fail to get into uni? Was it the Pre-U exams adopted by his private school in place of A-levels, or was it because he went on holiday just before he took them?

Every year, the A-level results bring record pass marks and accusations that they are getting easier. In fact, the biggest change was moving from a quota system (whereby only the top x% were awarded A grades) to an achievement system (whereby anyone who achieves over a certain number of marks is awarded an A grade).

But this year there is a new story - many universities are full and tens of thousands of prospective students are going to struggle to get a place at all. One of those people is George Lineker. Except that in his case he studied for a different type of exam - the new Pre-U which is based entirely on exams with no coursework elements.

According to the Independent, George's Facebook reaction to failing to make the required grade was:

"Didn't get into uni... cheers school u massive knobbers!"

The article goes on to say that, rather than revising, George went on a holiday to Tenerife just before his exams and points out that he is seen on the London party circuit with a glamour model.

I'm not going to get holier than thou about his holiday. In the Easter holidays before my A-levels I went with two friends to Spain on a camping holiday. My excuse was that I was studying Spanish and I took a couple of history text books with me which never got opened during the trip but weighed a ton. As it turned out, I did better in my history exam than in Spanish...

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Paul Walter said...

I think George Lineker was lucky to be old enough to apply for university, let alone whether or not he got in. He had near fatal leukaemia when he was a baby.