Thursday, 5 August 2010

Launceston Tourist Information Centre - an update

Over the last two days I've been trying to find out more about the decision to close Launceston Tourist Information Centre - as reported here.

My understanding of the situation is that Cornwall Council does not want to keep the TIC in the One Stop Shop. This is partly because the OSS is very busy and partly because they do not see the two functions as compatible. It was initially reported to me by many people that this decision had been taken and was final.

There was clearly some mis-communication somewhere along the line about this. However, I have been assured that no decision will be final until senior officers, Cabinet members and local councillors have been properly consulted.

I am very glad to report that discussions between Cornwall Council and Launceston Town Council are still on-going. I've had a couple of apologies from senior people at the Council about the inaccurate information that has been given out and I'm happy to accept those apologies.

In the meantime, the Town Council is still talking to Cornwall Council about working in partnership to deliver a decent tourist information centre for our town and the surrounding area. My guess is that this will not be from the current premises.

If Cornwall Council is to sever its links with the TIC then it would be a great shame for local businesses, but I hope that the Town Council or another group could pick up the slack. However, any decision along these lines by Cornwall Council will be more evidence of a 'one size fits all' approach - the sort of thing that we were promised would not be happening.

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David said...

In Launceston as in nearly every town in the UK there is a place staffed by people who are skilled in the storage and dissemination of information. It is our local library. If the roles of tourist information, council information and libraries are combined under one roof not just in Launceston but across Cornwall think of the money saved. What is more libraries everywhere are desperately seeking additional roles and because of automation and reduced readership.