Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Knight and Day - Utter rubbish

Action movie? Rom-com? Complete shambles? Knight and Day tries to be both of the first two but ends up the third. It's the film that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were promoting when they appeared on Top Gear a couple of weeks ago. Even Clarkson's cringeworthy faux flirting was more entertaining than the movie itself.

Knight and Day had a 'troubled' production. Cruise was apparently the fifth choice to play the male lead (how the mighty have fallen) and Diaz the second choice to play opposite. The script went through a dozen writers - and boy does it show. There's a thread of a story there, but every time there's a decent idea, it's snatched away by the next writer who has decided to go in a different direction.

The plot centres on Roy Miller (Cruise), a secret agent who is on the run from 'THE BAD GUYS'. He bumps into June Havens (Diaz) at an airport and starts shooting people. Ninety minutes later, the credits roll.

In among the shootings are a couple of slower slushy scenes and a couple of the worst running gags going.

Also appearing in the film are Peter Sarsgaard as Cruise's fellow spy and Paul Dano as the wonderkid scientist. I last saw Dano in There Will be Blood where he was brilliant. This time he wasn't allowed to be anything other than one dimensional. Sarsgaard was allowed a second dimension but failed to to take advantage.

Cruise boasts that he likes to do most of the stunts himself. I don't know how true that is but there was some fairly nondescript driving in there as well as silly CGI in the scene involving the running of the bulls - curiously relocated from Pamplona to Seville.

The cinema seat I was in to watch this monstrosity (in Truro's Plaza) was covered in chewing gum. To say that wasn't the worst thing about the afternoon perhaps says it all.


Foss said...

For some reason Cruise turned down the lead in Salt to be in this. Scientologists, eh?!

oneexwidow said...

Have you seen Inception yet? Very good film which would make you forget chewing gum on your seat, but in a good way!