Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Kensey Valley Meadow latest

Cornwall Council has now written to residents of Kensey Valley Meadow about the on-going delays with the adoption of the roads of the development.

As regular readers will know, the Council originally said that they aimed to adopt the roads by the end of the last financial year (ie 31st March 2010). This deadline came and went with no adoption and no news. I've been pressing the council to adopt the highways as soon as possible, to explain the delays to residents and to apologise.

Today I've been sent a copy of the letter going out to residents. It includes an apology for the delays and an explanation of the current situation. Whilst there's no definitive completion date, there is a commitment to conclude the adoption as soon as possible and that's a huge step forward. Many thanks to the Council for listening to the concerns of local residents and for producing this letter.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam

Adoption of New Highways at Kensey Valley, Launceston

I write with reference to the adoption of Highways on the above site.

As you will be aware, there has been some delay between the roads being constructed and their adoption (the process by which liability for their maintenance is passed to Cornwall Council as the Highway Authority).

The development as a whole was presented by the developers to the Council for adoption in 5 distinct phases. Each phase was subject to a separate adoption agreement. In short, the agreements generally state the Council will adopt highways following a 12 month maintenance period which commences once the road has been constructed to an acceptable standard. At this particular site, there have been two additional complicating factors. The roads detailed in the earlier phases cannot be adopted until the ‘Spine Road’ (the road connecting the development to the existing maintained highway) becomes adopted and ownership of the development has changed hands a number of times requiring changes to previously drafted agreements.

Fortunately, the current developer is working with the Council in order to facilitate the adoption of all 5 phases as soon as possible. To that end the Council has agreed that the usual 12 month maintenance period will be reduced to only 3 months. Plans have now been forwarded to the Council which will allow it to draw up the necessary paperwork to facilitate the agreement regarding the ‘Spine Road’ which is incorporated within Phase 5 of the development and amend those agreements in place for the remaining 4 phases. That work is being given priority.

I understand that you were advised the roads would be adopted by 31st March 2010 and I am sorry that this has not taken place. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a definitive date for completion of the process but can advise you that on completion of the agreements and the final construction and maintenance period (plus time to allow rectify any remedial work which may be identified) the roads will become highways maintainable by the Council.

Please rest assured Cornwall Council is working with the current developer to complete the agreements as soon as possible.

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