Thursday, 1 July 2010

Success - Action taken on skid surfaces and graffiti

This morning I've had a reply from Oliver Jones, the local highways engineer, about the various issues raised following my walkabout on Tuesday.

On the skid surfaces on Dutson Road, Oliver says:
I have had a look at this and it is clearly a material failure, I am going to arrange for a gang to remove the existing failed surface and take this issue up with the sub-contractor who undertook this work originally regarding remedial measures.
On the graffiti, he has arranged for the swastika on the road surface to be painted over and the local street ranger, Rodney Hancock, is dealing with the graffiti on the wall.

Other minor issues that I raised with him included a hole in the pavement outside Spar which he has had filled with a temporary patch and is taking up with BT who he believes are at fault. Also the cracked paving outside Spar is scheduled for repair although, as it is not dangerous, it will not be done immediately.

Many thanks indeed to Oliver, Rodney and their teams for their very swift action on these problems.

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