Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Questions raised over Cornwall's out of control budget

Together with my Lib Dem colleagues, I have raised concerns after it was revealed that Cornwall Council has a projected over-spend of almost £4million after just two months of the financial year. We have questioned whether the Council's Conservative leaders are capable of administering the budget.

The details of the projected over-spend were revealed in documents due to be debated at next week's Cabinet meeting and show that there is a projected deficit of £2.367 million in the adult care and support budget, £600,000 in the housing service and £750,000 in customer first.

To documents also show that the Council is failing to meet many of it key targets for service delivery:

- Within adult care and support, they are reaching none of their five key targets and three areas are described as 'much worse than target';
- Within children's safeguarding, just two of the six key targets are being met and three areas are described as much worse than target;
- Within value for money and performance, none of the four key targets are being met and two are described as much worse than target.

It is very worrying that just two months into the financial year, the Conservative led Council is already on course to over-spend by almost £4 million. If they cannot keep control of the current budget, how can they be trusted to make the cuts imposed by central government budget reductions without crippling frontline services.

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