Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Protect the Tamar campaign - update

I blogged earlier today about how Cornwall could protect its borders from plans to create a 'Devonwall' constituency if plans to cut the number of MPs go ahead.

North Cornwall Lib Dem MP made clear his opposition to Devonwall on BBC Radio Cornwall this morning:
"There is an issue of the very natural boundary of the Tamar, doing it as a mathematical exercise is too rigid. We are economically different, there's all the cultural aspects as well, and we need to make sure that we come up with boundaries which make sense."
Clearly Cornwall cannot rely on any support from Labour. Plymouth MP Alison Seabeck referred to the Tamar in these terms:
"It's a river. It could just as easily be a large expanse of heathland."
Better news came from SE Cornwall Conservative Sheryll Murray who said:
"There's a definite, natural line and boundary between my constituency and the city of Plymouth. I certainly would not be prepared to lay down and accept that we have to cross county boundaries and the Tamar."

I remain convinced that the best way to defeat plans for a Devonwall constituency is for all six Cornish MPs - both Lib Dem and Tory - as well as those from other parties and from none to band together for the good of Cornwall and ask the Government to rethink.

Quotes taken from BBC.

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