Friday, 30 July 2010

North Cornwall rover ticket will continue - but in another name

I've just been involved in a discussion on the Laurence Reed show on BBC Radio Cornwall about the proposed new parking charges in Cornwall.

The discussion was prompted by Town Councillor Connie Geach who was particularly annoyed at the proposal to scrap the rover ticket which allows people to park in any long stay car park in the former NCDC area for £190 a year.

Local people accepted that the price might have to rise, but the Council's proposal was for a rise to £800 a year - with the right to park in any long stay car park across Cornwall. This seemed to be a pointless centralisation - a 'one size fits all' approach to the issue.

On air, Andrew Wallis, Chairman of the Parking Panel, told us that local rover tickets would remain, but would have a different name and would be priced at around £200-220 per year. That's a huge step in the right direction but is in direct contradiction to what we were told at the meeting three weeks ago. Then, I asked about the rover ticket and was told categorically that it would be abolished. No mention was made of any form of replacement other than the Cornwall wide ticket. Indeed, no mention is made of any replacement in the consultation of Cornwall Councillors that is currently taking place.

I'm very glad if the officers and parking panel have listened to the concerns of local residents and businesses and have backed down from their move to abolish the rover ticket. I'll be making sure that this new pledge is carried through into the new policy.

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