Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cornwall Cabinet Member calls for sale of Newquay Airport

Mark Kaczmarek, Cornwall's Cabinet member for Housing, has broken ranks with his colleagues and called for the sale of Newquay Airport. The remarks were in an interview for Business Cornwall which you can hear here.

The airport was taken on by the Council 18 months ago when the RAF moved out and has been making a loss since that time. My understanding is that this loss was expected and that development and investment would turn the airport into a valuable asset over time. Certainly there have been a number of cabinet discussions over recent months about investment in the facility. My understanding is that Cllr Kaczmarek voted in favour of all these investments.

There are a number of councillors who believe that the council should never have got into the airport business. But now Cllr Kaczmarek appears to be the first to go public with a call to cut and run to save money in the short term.

I'm not sure how his comments will go down with his Cabinet colleagues, particularly Carolyn Rule whose portfolio he is trampling over.

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