Monday, 21 June 2010

Councillors get go ahead for highways improvements

After he promised two weeks ago that details of local highways improvements were in the post, Cornwall Cabinet Member Graeme Hicks has finally sent out the details.

Each Cornwall councillor will have a budget of £24,000 to spend over the next three years. It sounds like a lot, but with individual schemes such as new crossings costing as much as £60,000 each, a lot of very necessary changes are still out of the reach of local communities.

That is why I have invited Cllr Hicks to come to Launceston next Tuesday to see for himself the problems faced by local residents and to make the case for additional funding for specific projects which are urgently needed and which cannot be afforded from these new budgets.

Among the people he will be meeting is Mr Lea of Dutson Terrace. Mr Lea and his neighbours have to walk down a main road with no pavement and twice cross an A-road with no safe crossing in order to get into the centre of town.

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