Thursday, 10 June 2010

Cornish bus journeys up 6%, but is it really a 'good' network?

Cornwall Council has announced that the number of bus journeys rose by 5.9% in the past year - continuing a period of increases.

That's clearly good news, as is the 97% satisfaction rate with bus journeys among users.

But is it really right to describe our bus network as 'good' as Cabinet Member Graeme Hicks has done in the press release?

Whilst it remains impossible to travel by bus between Launceston and mid and west Cornwall - there isn't even a link between Launceston and Bodmin - the network is clearly still a long way short of being good.

As mentioned before, the Council is about to consult on a new Local Transport Plan that promises to increase the range of the bus network. But with no funding identified, actually realising this promise is some way off and officers have told me that there is no prospect of a new Bodmin-Launceston link in the near future.

I want to see everyone in Cornwall able to enjoy a good bus network and will be encouraging the Council to ensure that bringing the East Cornwall bus network up to the standard of the rest of the Duchy is a priority for the transport plan.

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