Monday, 21 June 2010

Conservative Councillor arrested over 'sex pest' allegations

The BBC are reporting a story that I heard as a rumour on Saturday - that Conservative Councillor Bill Jenkin has been arrested over allegations of sexual assault. It is reported that he is alleged to have made unwanted sexual advances and tried to kiss a woman against her will.

I take the view that I hope is shared by most people - that a person is innocent until proven guilty and being arrested should not mean that Bill should have to resign.

Bill is, however, the Conservative representative on the Devon and Cornwall Police Authority and I understand that he has chosen to resign from that position immediately - a decision I welcome as not doing so could significantly impinge on the ability of the authority to do its work. Having said that, should this matter be concluded without Bill being convicted of any offence, I trust that he will be reappointed should he wish to be.

Bill is also a member of the Council's Standards Committee - which oversees how councillors conduct themselves.

I hope that for the sake of Bill, the woman involved and Cornwall Council that the Police are able to conclude their investigations and to come to a decision as to whether matters should be taken further as swiftly as possible.

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