Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Well done Cornwall Council for listening on car parks

The news has trickled through that Cornwall Council has listened to massive complaints about their revised car parking arrangements and has decided that season tickets will be valid for all car parks across a district, rather than just for an individual car park.

The original proposal was to have two types of season ticket - a single car park version and a Cornwall wide version. The latter - although convenient - would have cost £1200 a year and would clearly be out of the price range of most residents and businesses.

Even the single car park version was not without its problems. Whilst drivers can find a space in most car parks during the winter months, in summer you can often find that your usual car park is full and season ticket holders would have had to pay the day rate if they couldn't get into their season ticket car park.

The Lib Dems, already successful in our quest to freeze first hour parking rates and for a review of whether these should be cut back to just 10p, asked why we were abandoning the old district wide passes. Many businesses and residents want to be able to park in a range of car parks - not across the whole of Cornwall, but in North Cornwall (or Caradon, or Carrick...)

Cornwall Council has listened and has decided that season tickets will be valid for a range of car parks across each former district area.

That's good news and I thank them for listening to the Lib Dems and others who raised concerns.

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