Thursday, 27 May 2010

Polling Day in Trehaverne, or...Elect the Tubbster

Today is polling day. But don't worry if you know nothing about it, the vote is for a new City Councillor in the Truro Trehaverne ward following the resignation of an independent. I'm sure that voters there could hardly have missed the event as candidates and supporters have been knocking on doors and delivering leaflets since the general election.

The Lib Dem candidate is my friend Tom Stubbs who missed out by just 40 votes when he stood in the same ward for the Cornwall Council elections last year.

This time round there are three candidates - Tom, the Conservatives and Mebyon Kernow. Despite the bluster that Truro was a three way marginal at the general election (it wasn't), Labour haven't even put up a candidate.

Many of my fellow councillors have been joining the campaign trail including Ann Kerridge, Jay Schofield, Rob Nolan, Jeremy Rowe and Graham Walker. Campaigning continues until the polls close at 10pm with the result some time after that.

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