Thursday, 27 May 2010

Air South West sale means trouble for Newquay airport and trouble for local businesses

Today's news that Air South West is up for sale is worrying for Cornwall, for local businesses and for Newquay Airport in particular.

The airline's owners are stressing that they are seeking to sell it as a going concern, but in the current climate it is not certain that anyone will want to take the business on and maintain the current levels of service.

I've travelled on the Air South West service to London a number of times and it was speedy and convenient. But the airline accounts for more than half the flights from Newquay and if the current levels of service can't be maintained then the airport's business plan may be in jeopardy.

It is also very worrying for businesses in Cornwall and for the Council and others who are seeking to attract more firms based on the services from Newquay. If there end up being fewer flights, then Cornwall becomes a less attractive location to relocate to.

Obviously I hope that another business will see the benefit on taking over Sir South West - the firm made a profit last year.

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