Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Vince-ification of politics

It's amazing just how popular Vince Cable is. At a time when so many politicians are held in such low regard, Vince really does seem to have rapport and respect among the public.

As we were getting ready for the photo before the strategy meeting (see previous post), a family walked past, stopped and turned round and asked Vince if they could have a photo with him. The father told his kids - this is a politician you can trust.

Later, on College Green, there was an incredible scrum as all the news networks broadcast long special editions. The public and associated hangers on were also crowded round and there were politicians everywhere. The public looked on in interest but held back. Then Vince walked past and person after person went up to shake his hand or to ask for a photo with him.

There's good news for Nick Clegg too as he is now the most approved of party leader (overtaking Cameron) as well as retaining the best +/- approval rating.

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