Thursday, 1 April 2010

Two bits of good news for Launceston

This morning I've had two pieces of local good news.

The first concerns Launceston Post Office. Tim Nickolls has been in touch to say that the landlord has agreed a three month extension to the lease for the current operators and so the threat of a temporary closure over the summer months has been lifted.

The second concerns the 90 year old lady who is being made homeless and the Council did not rate as being a top priority. The new Homechoice system has now kicked in and under the new grading (A-E) system she is now rated as A - meaning top priority. Clearly the old (district council) system was not working properly and it appears, at least in this case, that the new (One Cornwall) system has correctly identified the level of need in this case.

I'm particularly grateful to Cathy Hadfield, one of the senior housing managers, for helping to sort this case and for all that she and her team have done to put the new system in place. As we all recognise, there may be glitches in the new system, but she is ready and able to sort them out.

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