Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A tour of the Nick Clegg battlebus

As promised yesterday, an exclusive tour of the Lib Dem election battlebus.

The bus has huge graphics on both sides with the campaign slogan and images of Nick and Vince. Nobody will fail to see us coming!

Inside, the first face you see is Jock, one of the drivers who has so far got us everywhere precisely on time.

Next up is the journalists area with power sockets, wi-fi and very luxurious seats. We can carry up to 16 journos under normal circumstances, but can fit a few more in the staff area if needed. (Most of the TV, radio and reporters meet us at the venue)

Further back is the kitchen area and all the electronics. There is a decent satellite TV system on board as well as an X-Box (we are told) and various other toys. So far, none of the trips have been long enough to explore these wonders, but we are promised that later this week we will be able to try them out.

After that comes the staff area - again with all the comforts that the journos enjoy.

And at the back is Nick's area with a circular sofa type arrangement. For most journeys, this space is also filled with journos as every moment is filled with interview after interview.

And, of course, with Nick and Vince's pics on the outside, there's no avoiding them inside.

Maybe, just maybe, a video tour later in the campaign.

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observer said...

Shame it couldn't have been bodied by Plaxton of Scarborough.

[Not sure, but think it's the work of either Jonkheere or Van Hool]

A. Norak