Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Signs and Lines in Launceston

Cornwall Council has put out a press release today about the work on the signs and lines in Launceston. Work, it says, is underway to make the signs and lines legal and enforceable.

There is no doubt that this work is very welcome. Around the town there are a number of short stay free parking spaces which should allow shoppers to pop into the shops. Too often, these are taken up by people who park there the whole day knowing that they will not be ticketed.

The move will also make sure that loading bays are adequate for lorries making deliveries to local businesses and people picking up heavy or bulky shopping.

The trouble is (there has to be a but...) this work is long overdue. We were promised that it would be completed by the beginning of December.

And then by the middle of January.

And then by the start of February.

After that, Cornwall Council stopped giving us target dates.

And so, altogether, this work is more than four months late. This is another example of Cornwall Council forgetting about the East.

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