Saturday, 17 April 2010

The secret diary of an election photographer - Day 12

That Nick Clegg. He's a bit popular now.

It being Saturday, Nick was joined on the campaign trail today by his wife Miriam and they visited the maternity wing at Kingston Hospital. This visit was arranged for two reasons. First the political. The department is under threat from Labour cuts. Local Lib Dems including Susan Kramer and Ed Davey have been campaigning hard to save it. The Tories think they're scaremongering and sit on the sidelines sniping.

Second, the personal. This unit is where Nick and Miriam's third son, Miguel, was born just about a year ago.

Nick and Miriam chatted to nurses, doctors, midwives, anaesthetists and countless others to emphasis the Lib Dem support for the unit. They also chatted to a number of new mums and dads.

When they emerged, it was to the biggest media scrum of the campaign to date. As well as local party supporters and the 'regular' media who travel everywhere with us, there were countless snappers and journalists from a huge range of a papers. Clearly the media think that Nick is worth talking to.

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