Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The secret diary of an election photographer - Day 8

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg was joined by Vince Cable on the campaign trail today as everything was themed around the subject of banking.

First up was the morning press conference where Nick and Vince announced plans to limit bankers cash bonuses to £2500 and to stop banks which make a loss from paying bonuses at all. This adds to the Lib Dem plans to split the regular high street banking operations (savings, loans and mortgages etc) from the casino operations of the investment banks which contributed so much to the financial crisis.

Then we boarded Fair Force One for the trip north to Bradford to meet up with David Ward, our candidate in Bradford East. Nick met with Printer Rollers Services, a small firm which has been having trouble getting finance to expand from any bank.

After the visit, the press wanted a response to the Tory Manifesto. You can find what Nick said, and the whole Lib Dem response, here.

And then back on the plane to go to Luton South where, with candidate Qurban Hussain, we went to see 2K Manufacturing, a company that takes waste plastic and turns it into useful products including an alternative to chipboard.

On the plane with us today was the avuncular Peter Allen, Presenter of Radio 5 Live's Drive programme, and one of my favourite broadcasters.

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